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Dear visitor, a very warm welcome to

Bali’s only authentic, multi award winning Balinese Restaurant




24 super comfortable rooms in a magnificent garden setting




For groups and private parties for up to 140 guest 




Three unique addresses where we show case the very best of Balinese Hospitality and Balinese food culture.

Bumbu Bali, Restaurant & Cooking School

The extravagant beauty and delights of Bali extends to its very difficult to find cuisine. We are delighted to serve you “only” authentic Balinese cuisine in a traditional crafted village setting. Two decades investigating and documenting Balinese cuisine are the foundation in the style of cooking served in our restaurants. To further enhance the quality of our dishes we spend daily hours at the local markets to source the ripest fruits, garden-freshest vegetables, and fish that is caught the same morning. This together with our highly trained service and kitchen team will ensure a most memorable dining experience.

Bali’s best place to discover Balinese food culture

Since opening Bumbu Bali, Restaurant & Cooking School in 1997 we have been awarded numerous times as one of the leading restaurants in Bali. Strangely enough after 15 years we are still the only authentic Balinese restaurant on the island. Unfortunately in Bali’s mythic culture eating is very much a solitary affair, and locals mostly just eat to fill their bellies. Then the fact that Indonesia in the past did not manufacture ceramic prevented people from serving food as the Chinese did for millenniums. We take incredible pride in presenting to you Bali’s food culture in its original authentic way. The only alterations we do is in the presentation, as we take only the finest ceramics the island’s artisans produce.

Rumah Bali, Bed & Breakfast

Prefer staying in an expensive beachside resort and share your breakfast buffet with hundreds of other hotel residents, or in Rumah Bali, that gives you the satisfaction of staying in a modern Balinese style home just across the street for a fraction of the price? Well breakfast in your home away from home is something different. Served on your own balcony surrounded by tropical gardens you will be treated with a sumptuous breakfast that is fit for the kings. Balinese kings of course. We will serve you the finest early morning delicacies the island has on offer.

Traditional Balinese garden setting

We  offer you a unique variety of Balinese experiences, and it is our total commitment to provide our guests true and sincere Balinese hospitality in a hidden away private setting. Within beautiful landscaped Balinese gardens, all our rooms are crafted with the finest materials ranging from marble floors, teakwood furniture, to granite wash basins.  Our impeccable rooms offer something very special that one would normally expect only from a five star hotel. Best of all wouldn’t it be great to have your own local source of information helping you to arrange your daily activities right from your room.

Conveniently located

Located in Tanjung Benoa on the Southern tip of Bali, our very own little village is just a short 12 km drive from Bali’s international airport and 150 meters away from some of Bali’s best beaches. A short 2km drive or a stroll along the beach will bring you to the resort town of Nusa Dua, which offers hectares of beautifully manicured gardens and an endless choice of world-class facilities, spas and wellness, lots of restaurants, great shopping and perhaps one of Bali’s best surf breaks. Our biggest advantage is something that is rather difficult to find in today’s busy Bali. Space, in an area where real estate is extremely highly prized.  Built over two hectares, all rooms offer something that is very difficult to find elsewhere and this is plenty of space and privacy.


When we built Rumah Bali, Bed & Breakfast it was not our aim to build something luxurious but rather rooms with character. We offer everything and a lot more than today’s traveler is looking for. Each room has a slightly different lay out and every piece of furniture has been individual selected. Only the finest materials were chosen, just the way one would select the materials for one’s own home.  Never will one of our guests have the feeling of being in a sterile hotel room. Instead, you are in a serene, comfortable, warm place that one calls home.

Pasar Malam, Balinese Night Market 

The Aim and Philosophy behind Pasar Malam

Built on the success of Bumbu Bali, Restaurant & Cooking School, we continued with our efforts to bring Balinese food another step closer to the interested gourmet traveler and to people who enjoy sampling the delightful flavors of Bali. Only a few hundred meters away from Bumbu Bali within Rumah Bali, Bed & Breakfast we crafted in a magnificent Balinese village setting an ethnic market restaurant where each building was designed following the principals of ancient Balinese architecture. Each pavilion was transformed either into a guest room or into a dinning pavilion with their own kitchen, and as a result, while guest enjoy a delicious Balinese feast, they will also be entertained by our village chefs with the preparation of the many secret recipes. Imagine sitting in the midst of a Balinese village market and enjoy the best dishes our island has to offer, and at the same time be confident to sit in a perfectly clean and save environment. This is not your every day ordinary restaurant but the center of a living village, where the locals will allow you to experience the true mystic and warm hospitality of our beloved island.

The family compound

The heart of Balinese cultural life is the family compound. The compound is a microcosm of the Hind-Balinese universe with realms for the Gods, man and the impure spirits. The house shrine is always in the kaja, the mountain ward side of the compound. The pigsty is in the kelod, or seaward part of the compound. In between are the pavilions for ceremonies, sleeping, and day to day activities. The compound, which typically houses two or three generations of families. line village lines, grouped in unites. Based on this very same basic principals we designed and build Pasar Malam, becoming  a place that lives and and allows our guests to experience everyday Balinese life in a wonderful crafted traditional setting. Just as when living in your own home there are days of total peace and harmony and days when the family or village celebrates.  Please do not expect complete serenity but be prepared to actually live in a real home surrounding where the kitchen is an important integrated part and daily full of activities. Then there are frequent ceremonies and celebrations at night which will add so much more mystic to your complete Bali holiday experience.

Balinese Village Night

This is what we do best. Showcase Balinese culture where guests cannot only savor delicious Balinese cuisine, but also experience Balinese culinary traditions in a magical traditional village surrounding. Activities are always tailored to your needs and can include dance performances, offering making, the making of sacred spirits and rice wine, coconut bowling and “illegal” gambling, The venue can accommodate up to 140 guests.