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Balinese Village Night


On arrival in Rumah Bali a traditional Balinese orchestra and a group of mystically dressed dancers will greet the guest. A short 150-meter stroll along the village path will bring the guests to Pasar Malam. The pathway is beautifully decorated with countless Penjors, artistically ornamented bamboo pools, Umbul – Umbul large flag pools, and numerous smaller palm leaf weavings and a large number of candles.

All buildings within the Pasar Malam compound are decorated with hundreds of Paku Pipit, flower garlands hanging from the ceilings and each table is blessed with a small offering. Welcomed by the smallest and cutest inhabitants of the village, our residence we will give you a greeting that will set the foundation for an extraordinary evening.

As an introduction to a Balinese night of  culinary adventures we will serve you a refreshing Tabuhan, a concoction of fermented rice wine and our very own home made palm brandy. During the cocktail visitors will mingle with the many talented artisans who demonstrate a large number of the unique handy craft traditions on the island. Obviously you are welcome to purchase these artistically crafted masterpieces that will make a great souvenir reminding you for a long time about a very special evening.

Some of the art exhibitions on display include some of the following and will be tailored to your needs.


  • Art and craft exhibition
  • Wood carvings
  • Offering making
  • Various Balinese games
  • The blending of Balinese spices
  • Coconut Bowling
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Offering making
  • Arak Distillery
  • Fermenting of rice wine
  • Hypnotizing of Chickens


Breakfast pavilion

Breakfast pavilion

Music, Dance and Drama

In Bali there is a fundamental integration of the performing arts into daily, social, and religious activities. No celebration or gathering is complete without music and dance. Such performances serve to entertain both the Gods and the human participants enabling both to return home after the ritual with a feeling of well-being and contentment. Because of the constant demand for musical performance, there is a very large number of active music and dance troops performing that night.

Once guests are seated, throughout the evening they will be entertained with the very best cultural performances the island has on offer. Each event is tailored to your needs and we are able to organize a great many different entertainments that range from traditional Balinese to the contemporary Western entertainment.

In line with the great many activities we have a good in-house sound system that is more than sufficient for even the critical music connoisseur. However if you aim for something a little larger then we are able organize a system that includes every modern high end sound gadget.


Food and Beverage

This is what we probably do best, cook delicious Balinese food for which we are well known and have received numerous awards over the past 14 years. The food served is always Balinese which we prefer to serve in a way Bali’s Kings or the Royal Dutch were served. During the colonial period of Indonesia the Dutch lived rather lavish lives with plenty of servants to assist in making life as comfortable and easy as possible.

Eating was not any different and the choice given was either Colonial Dutch or Indonesian Cuisine. When ever they referred to Indonesian cooking then the basic phrase of Rijsttafel was used, meaning Rice Table. Contrary to European cuisine, which was mostly plated, Indonesian dishes were always served in the center of the table surrounding a large basket of steamed white rice.


Rijsttafel Village Night Dinner


  • Sate Ayam, Sapi, Lilit   – Chicken, Beef, Seafood Sate
  • Lawer Ayam – Chicken Salad with Vegetables
  • Jejeruk Ayam – Shredded Chicken with Young Jackfruits
  • Ketipat Dan Krupuk Emping – Rice Cakes and Fruit Crackers
  • Acar, Chili-Soy, Sambel Tomat – Vegetable pickles, Chili Soy Sauce, and Spiced Tomato Sauce


  • Jukut Ares – Clear Duck Soup with Banana Stem

Main Dishes

  • Be Celeng Base Manis – Pork in Sweet Soy Sauce
  • Rendang Sampi – Beef Rendang Balinese Style
  • Tum Bebek – Minced Duck in Banana Leaf
  • Hasil Laut Bumbu Kuning – Assorted Seafoods in Yellow Coconut Sauce
  • Pesan Be Pasih – Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf
  • Udang dan Cumi Panggang – Grilled Tiger Prawns and Squid


  • Buah Buahan – Sliced Balinese Fruits
  • Kueh Bali – Balinese Cakes
  • Bubuh Ijin – Black Rice Pudding
  • Jaja Batun Bedil – Glutinous Rice Flour Dumplings in Palm Sugar Sauce


Price includes

  • Balinese Village Night Rijsttafel Dinner
  • Welcome drink
  • Mineral water during dinner
  • Colorful ceremonial village and temple decorations
  • Candles along the path and the venue
  • Colourful flags poles
  • Artistically decorated bamboo poles
  • Torches
  • Hundreds of flower garlands hanging from the ceiling
  • Art and Craft exhibition
  • Welcome procession performed by an acoustic orchestra
  • Large drums, Bamboo instruments, large cow bells and brace instruments
  • Guests will be lead by the night’s village dancers.
  • Two different cultural performances
  • Legong dance
  • Kecak performance