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Providing a future for kids

Novo Amor tema and the kids

The Story Of Terraform | Novo Amor

Behind the scenes of Terraform, the latest single of Novo Amor & Ed Tullett, lifted from their album Heiress. Filmed on location in Banyuwangi, Java, Indonesia. Please do spare a few minutes to watch this heart breaking introduction to our caring project. At the same time thank you so very much Novo Amor for your incredible engagement and support.

Children's the joy of live

Children’s the joy of live

 A most important feature of our journeys to East Java includes compulsory stops at the two schools where we support up to 100 kids and pay for their schooling. We hand over funds directly to the school principals and in return receive proper signed documentation that each and every Rupiah donated will reach the people in need. US$100 will provide a brighter future for one child. By supporting Children’s from the porters and paying for their education, it is our aim to enable the kids to get a proper education. Hopefully this will become the foundation for a brighter future enabling the kids to go a different path than their fathers, making a living in a more human way.

The following five progress videos where proudly produced by Fabian von Holzen our son  From the Woods Production

BBC World
The heart ship is simply incredible

The heart ship is simply incredible

Our caring relation ship with the worlds hardest working miners

Back in 2008 when we started our efforts to support the porters  of Kawah Ijen with collecting preloved  clothing, including toys for the kids. When ever we collected enough garments to fill at least 200 packets we drove 3 ½ hours across Bali, spend 1 ½ hours on a ferry and finally ascended 42 km in to the highlands of East Java. A journey which takes at least 7 hours on motorically congested roads. Despite the long and strenuous drive it is always incredible rewarding and motivational to see the joy this little parcels brought to the porters. Each packet also included Rupiah 100’000 which was equivalent to one days work.

Donated Clothing from around the Globe

Donated Clothing from around the Globe

As we got to know more and more porters and listened to their needs it quickly become obvious that we need to look for additional  ways to assist the sulfur miners in their daily struggle to make a living and with it look after their loved ones and families. We then decided to help their children and pay the annual school fees. It was clear to us if the kids get proper education they do not need to follow in the food steps of their fathers and can make a comfortable living elsewhere.  Our next challenge was how to actually pay the annual fees, as we where concerned that the funds provided might end up in the wrong hands. To overcome this concern we started to visit the schools directly where most of the kids get their education. Together with the principals of the schools we worked out a way that we pay the fees directly to the schools for which we received proper receipts.

Hand over of school fees

Hand over of school fees                                                                                                                               During our frequent visits it become quickly very clear that seemingly every school struggles to get sufficient funding’s to run the day to day operation from the central Government in Jakarta. Gradually we stated to provide the schools with computers, printers, LCD, digital cameras and often books and pencils and general teaching aids.

Books, Pencils and other goodies for the kids

Books, Pencils and other goodies for the kids

Often we were shocked to actually see the upkeep of the buildings and the class rooms. One could actually see through the ceiling the open sky, kids set in the class room with umbrellas during monsoonal down pours. Desks and benches where so worn down that it was actually dangers to use them. Toilet facilities where out of order or non-existent. Floors where badly damaged and writing boards so worn that it was almost impossible to write on.

Classrooms in desperate need of renovation

Classrooms in desperate need of renovation

Then in 2015 we stated support the schools with renovation work, financed play grounds, purchased new desks and benches, renovated many roofs, painted class room, renovated libraries and assisted with building first aid rooms.

Renovated classroom

Renovated classroom

Whenever we visit  the porters in Kawah ijen our first stop is always at the schools where we follow up on progress made with renovation work, look at further needs for the kids and discuss ways where we can assist to provide better education in a better environment.

Renovated toilet facilities

Renovated toilet facilities

Our commitment 

Our team in Bumbu Bali is fully committed to continuously follow up with the schools, the teachers and the children on your behalf to  see the development and the progress of the kids. Proper documentation and receipts are our guarantee that each and every Rupiah donated will actually benefit the kids and ultimately the Porter community of Kawah Ijen

Proper documentations and receipts for each and every transaction

Proper documentations and receipts for each and every transaction

None of the above would be possible in this large extend without the incredible global support that we receive from so many kind hearted people like yourself. Should there be any uncertainty or clarification required then please do not hesitate to contact me or any of our team members directly at  We are always happy to assist in any way possible, as long as this will benefit the porters and their families. For further information and a colourful overview of our Kawah Ijen project then please do visit the following link

Please help and donate generously

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