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Children Education

By supporting Children’s from the porters for paying for their education, it is our aim to enable the kids to get a proper education. Hopefully this will become the foundation for a brighter future enabling the kids to go a different path then their fathers, making a living in a more human way.

Your Support

It makes us incredible proud that this school year, with your generous help we where able to provide funds for 50 children to receive the best possible education. Proper documentation and records are our guarantee that each Rupiah donated actually benefits the child and with it becomes the foundation for a brighter future. As we all know, a good solid education is the foundation for a bright and prosperous future.

Our Commitment

We the teams in Bumbu & Rumah Bali are fully committed to continuously follow up with the schools, the teachers and the children on your behalf to follow up on the progress of the kids. As part of our at least 4 visits annually to Kawah Ijen we spend some time at each of the three schools that we support and listen to the needs of the teachers and foremost the needs of each and every child. This will hopefully be the foundation to create a long lasting and foremost beneficial relation ship between the child from the porters and the many kind supporters around the globe.


Kids support during the 2014-2015 school year