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Bali Unveiled, The Secrets of Balinese Cuisine

Uncovers the mysteries of a cuisine that has been little explored before Chef Heinz von Holzen stepped foot on the island. Together with American author and Balinese cultural authority Fred B Eisman who has written several books on Bali’s culture, Chef von Holzen delves further into the food culture of Bali, uncovering spices, ingredients and cooking techniques, and shares them in this cookbook with stunning full color photographs and authentic recipes.

ISBN : 981 232 697 9
Publisher : Marshal Cavendish International (Asia) Private Ltd

Step by Step Balinese Cooking 

Feast of Flavours from the Balinese Kitchen is a great starting point for those seeking to create the unique aromas and tastes of Balinese far at home. In this book, Chef Heinz von Holzen expertly guides readers through 42 authentic recipes step by step, and also shares his recipes for the fundamental spice pastes, stocks and sauces that support and define Balinese cuisine.

ISBN : 981 232 676 6
Publisher : Marshal Cavendish International (Asia) Private Ltd

Feast of Flavours from Indonesian Kitchen

Feast of Flavours from the Indonesian Kitchen is the second book in this series by author chef Heinz von Holzen. The first book, Feast of Flavours from the Balinese Kitchen, revealed his passion for recording Balinese culinary practices and traditions that are unique in Indonesian. In this book, he pays tribute to the larger archipelago by exploring the culinary differences that distinguish parts of Indonesia from each other through 42 exciting recipes.

ISBN : 978 981 261 302 8 & 981 261 302 1
Publisher : Marshal Cavendish International (Asia) Private Ltd

Street Foods of Bali

From the sunny seafood restaurants along Jimbaran Beach, to the bustle of village markets at sunrise. The color of temple festivals and the quiet pleasure of coffee at a rustic street-side Warung, the essence of Balinese cuisine is best experienced through its street food, which can be notoriously elusive to the short-term visitor.

Long term resident and Balinese food expert, chef Heinz von Holzen offers fascinating insights and tips on eating and etiquette in Bali, together with an exciting selection of 70 authentic recipes from iconic Balinese dishes to lesser known cakes and snacks.

Street Foods of Bali sheds light on all you need to know about navigating Balinese street food and preparing these tasty dishes in the comfort of your home. Selamat makan.

ISBN-13: 978-981-261-525-1 : Marshall Cavendish Cuisine,


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