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Sulphur – The Brutal side of Food, Sugar and Beauty

Please spare 8 1/2 of you valuable time and watch this heartbreaking story

Group events and meetings

Obviously it is always our aim that you leave one of our two restaurants totally satisfied with the aim that we where able to serve you not only a delicious meal but also where able to provide a dining experience which will remain in you as a fond memory for a long time to come. No need to say that we would be honored and delighted to welcome you and your friends back for another dining experience sometimes in time to come. Or perhaps you wish to return with your friends or company and celebrate in a private venue where we can serve and look after you just like in Bumbu Bali one or two. With a seating capacity for up to 140 guests the venue is big enough to maintain for medium-large parties the true spirit and mystic of Bali.

Gala dinners and theme parties “Balinese Village Night”

This is what we do best. Showcase Balinese culture where your guests cannot only savor delicious Balinese cuisine, but also can experience Balinese customs in a magical traditional village surrounding. Activities are always tailored to your needs and can include dance performances, offering and rice cake making, coconut bowling, distilling of Arak and fermenting of Rice Wine, stone and wood carving, painting or the weaving of ikats. There are countless various possible activities that can be held in Pasar Malam, which we always tailor to your needs and requirements.

Your special moments will never be the same

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthday parties
  • Company dinners
  • Meetings and
  • Team building exercises


Balinese Cooking Competition Maximum 35 participants

The day starts for this very entertaining and motivational event as early as 6 am in the lobby of your hotel. Participants will be divided into groups of 7, which are given instruction in Balinese language of what to do next. Which is a market visit where guests need to find and purchase 12 unusual ingredients like a life chicken and a frog,(not for consumption) shrimp past and seaweed, shrimp paste,  and many other unusual delicatessen. After returning to Rumah Bali each group then needs to prepare and present eight recipes in the through fashion of a Balinese master chef. The challenge ends with an elaborate presentation by each group and then of course with an feast of flavours where participants get a chance to savor all the many delightful flavors prepared during the competition. There will only be one winner, but everyone will have lots of fun and this is guaranteed.


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Rijsttafel Appetizer

Rijsttafel Cram Cam

Rijsttafel Seafood Soup

Rijsttafel Main Course-2

Rijsttafel Dessert