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Food selection

Dining out in Bali is not a social custom; therefore unless the visitor is invited into a Balinese home, or sample festive favorites during a ceremony, he or she is not likely to experience real Balinese food. We are proud to welcome you to our home where we offer all the culinary secrets our Island of Gods has to offer. The basic mix of spices used in all Balinese dishes is called BUMBU, after which we named the restaurant.

Selamat Datang dan Selamat Makan


Sambel Be Tongkol – Rp.120.000
Tuna Salad with Shallots and Lemongrass

Ayam Pelalah – Rp.120.000
Shredded Chicken with Chilies and Lime

Jejeruk Ayam – Rp.120.000
Shredded Chicken and Vegetable Salad in Coconut Dressing

Ayam Sambel Matah – Rp.120.000
Shredded Chicken with Shallot and Lemongrass Dressing

Lawar Udang – Rp.140.000
Green Papaya Salad with Prawns Sates

Lawar Kuwir – Rp.140.000
Minced Duck Salad with Duck Sates



Cram Cam – Rp.97.500
Clear Chicken Soup with Shallots

Sop Ayam – Rp.97.500
Balinese Chicken Soup with Vegetables, Noodles and Egg

Jukut Ares – Rp.97.500
Duck Soup with Banana Stem

Gedang Mekuah
Green Papaya Soup

Seafood – Rp.125.000

Vegetarian – Rp.90.000

Wong Dadah – Rp.110.000
Creamy Mushroom Soup



Sate Campur – Rp.125.000
Beef, Chicken, Pork, Duck & Seafood

Sate Asam Siap – Rp.110.000
Chicken Thigh

Sate Ikan & Udang – Rp.132.500
Minced Seafood and Prawn Satay

Sate Tempe – Rp.70.000
Fermented Soy Bean Cake

Sate Lembat Bebek – Rp.127.500
Minced Duck

Sate Lilit – Rp.127.500
Minced Seafood on Lemongrass

Sate Udang – Rp.177.500

Sate Asam Celeng – Rp.110.000
Pork Tenderloin

All Sates are served with Peanut Sauce, Vegetable Salad, Rice Cake and Pickled Vegetables



In Bali rice is the main staple of each meal and contrary to Western cuisine, meat, fish or vegetable becomes a side dish. For you to get a taste of Bali, we recommended to order several main dishes, which we will serve in the center of the table, just as you would do in your home. We will offer you a selection of rice with your main meal.



Be Celeng Base Manis – Rp.137.500
Pork in Sweet Soy Sauce

Balung Nangka – Rp.137.500
Braised Pork Ribs with Young Jack Fruit

Balung Panggang   – Rp.140.000
Grilled Pork Ribs with Balinese BBQ Sauce

Babi Guling – Rp. 3.350.000
Whole Spit Roasted Pig (12-15kg), serves 10-12 Person

1/2 Babi Guling – Rp.1.950.000
Serves up to 6 persons

Please Order 24 Hours in Advance
Price includes: Banana Stem Soup with Duck, Pork in Sweet Soy Sauce with the Suckling Pig, and a selection of Balinese Sweets and Fruits as a Dessert

Be Sampi Mebase Bali – Rp.137.500
Balinese Style Beef Rendang

Semur Lidah – Rp.122.500
Ox Tongue in Sweet Nutmeg Sauce

Kambing Mekuah – Rp.155.000
Lamb Stew with Cardamom

Kaki Kambing – Rp.170.000
Braised Lamb Shank with Tamarind

Siap Mepanggang – Rp.137.500
Grilled Chicken in Roasted Coconut Sauce

Ayam Betutu – Rp.162.500
Whole Roast Baby Chicken in Banana Leaf

Siap Base Kalas – Rp.150.000
Chicken in Spiced Coconut Milk

Bebek Betutu – Rp.700.000
Whole Roast Duck in Banana Leaf

1/2 Bebek Betutu – Rp.400.000
1/2 Roasted Duck in Banana Leaf

Price includes: Banana Stem Soup with Duck and a selection of Balinese Sweets and Fruits as a Dessert
Please Order 24 Hours in Advance

Bebek Menyatnyat – Rp.190.000
Creamy Duck Curry

Tum Bebek – Rp.137.500

Nasi atau Mie Goreng – Rp.135.000
Fried Rice or Fried Noodles


Sambel Udang – Rp.280.000
300g Prawns with Chilies and Lime in Coconut Sauce

Udang Mepanggang – Rp.280.000
300 g Grilled Prawns

Pesan Be Pasih – Rp.170.000
Marinated Minced Seafood & Shrimps Steamed and Grilled in Banana Leaf

Sop Ikan – Rp.170.000
Seafood Soup with Tamarind and Tomatoes

Hasil Laut Bumbu Kuning – Rp.180.000
Assorted Seafood in Yellow Turmeric Sauce

Ikan Fillet – Rp.170’000
250g Fish fillet



Ketipat Sayur – Rp.92.500
Assorted Vegetables and Rice Cakes in Coconut Turmeric Sauce

Pecelan – Rp.92.500
Vegetable Salad in Peanut Dressing

Pesan Wong – Rp.110.000
Grilled Mushrooms in Banana Leaf

Mie atau Nasi Goreng – Rp.110.000
Fried Noodles or Rice with Vegetables

Sayur Mesanten – Rp.97.500
Braised Vegetables in Coconut Milk

Home Made Tofu and Tempe

Tempe Sambel Nyuh – Rp.95.000
Soy bean Cake in turmeric Sauce

Sambel Goreng Tempe – Rp.95.000
Soy Bean Cakes in Sweet Soy Dressing

Tahu Kuning – Rp.105.000
Vegetables and Lazed Bean Curd Stew

Tahu Isi Ikan – Rp.110.000
Crispy Fried Tofu Filled with Minced Seafood


MEAT AND SEAFOOD SKEWERS (only available in Bumbu Bali 2)

All skewers are prepared the way it is done here in Bali and served with Balinese BBQ sauce, rice cakes, vegetable salad, pickles and chili soy dip.

Be Celeng – Rp.180.000
Pork Tenderloin 225 g

Be Campur – Rp.265.000
Mixed Meat Skewer

Udang – Rp.280.000
Prawns 300 g

Hasil Laut – Rp.280.000
Assorted Seafood (Fish, Prawn, Squid)


Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 11% government tax