Pasar Malam, Balinese Night Market

Built on the success of Bumbu Bali, Restaurant & Cooking School, we continued with our efforts to bring Balinese food another step closer to the interested gourmet traveler and to people who enjoy sampling the delightful flavors of Bali. Only a few hundred meters away from Bumbu Bali within Rumah Bali, Bed & Breakfast we crafted in a magnificent Balinese village setting where each building was designed following the principals of ancient Balinese architecture. Each pavilion was transformed either into a guest room or into a dinning pavilion with their own kitchen, and as a result, while guest enjoy a delicious Balinese feast, they will also be entertained by our village chefs with the preparation of the many secret recipes.

Imagine sitting in the midst of a Balinese village market and enjoy the best dishes our island has to offer. This is not your every day ordinary restaurant but the center of a living village, where the locals will allow you to experience the true mystic and warm hospitality of our beloved island.

Balinese Village Night

This is what we do best. Showcase Balinese culture where guests cannot only savor delicious Balinese cuisine, but also experience Balinese culinary traditions in a magical traditional village surrounding. Activities are always tailored to your needs and can include dance performances, offering making, the making of sacred spirits and rice wine, coconut bowling and “illegal” gambling, the venue can accommodate up to 200 guests.