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Sulphur – The Brutal side of Food, Sugar and Beauty

Please spare 8 1/2 of you valuable time and watch this heartbreaking story

Mission Statement

  • Bumbu Bali provides an unforgettable culinary and cultural experience by integrating the mystic style of Bali and its people with the finest produces of the island in a modern yet traditional contemporary setting.
  • We are recognized by our guests and competitors as one of the leading Balinese and Indonesian restaurants in Bali, serving specialties from all regions of the world’s largest archipelago, and the freshest available seafood in an innovative, modern and tasteful way.  Innovative, creative, value for money, and foremost very consistent in our service and products are some of our strongest points.
  • Our guests expectation are always exceeded due to our warm, caring, accommodating and professional staff who constantly provide genuine and consistent service.
  • We foster good relationships with our owners by operating a profitable operation and providing a good return of investment and developing genuine good relationships with the government and local authorities by promoting the culture and protecting the environment of Bali.
  • We always treat each other with genuine care and respect and commit ourselves to continue training and development. As a result, we see our home stay resort as a warm and positive working environment and consider ourselves a big happy family.


  1. The Credo will be known, owned and energized by all employees.
  2. Our motto is: “Treat guests the same way as you would like to be treated”.  Practice teamwork to create a positive work environment.
  3. All employees shall practice the three steps of service.
  4. All employees will successfully complete Training, to ensure that everyone understands how to perform to the highest standards in their position.
  5. Each employee will understand his or her work area and Company goals as established in the mission statement.
  6. All employees will know the needs of their internal and external customers (guests and employees). Guests expect you to accommodate them to enjoy their meal and feel “at home” get the best value for their money.
  7. Always introduce yourself.
  8. Any employee who receives a customer complaint “owns” the complaint.  React quickly to correct the problem immediately.  Make sure that the problem has been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.  Do everything you possibly can to never lose a guest.
  9. Give the guest plenty of time, never rush them.
  10. Uncompromising levels of cleanliness are the responsibility of every employee.
  11. Uniforms are to be immaculate.  Wear proper and safe footwear (clean and polished), take prides and cares in your personal appearance (adhering to all grooming standards).
  12. “Smile – We are on stage”.  Always maintain positive eye contact.  Use proper vocabulary with our guests. (Use words like, “Good Morning”, “Certainly”, “I’LL be happy to” and “My pleasure”).
  13. Be an ambassador of your Company in and outside of the work place.  Always talk positively.  No negative comments.
  14. Escort rather than pointing out directions to another area of the Establishment.
  15. Any “guest contact” is your chance to provide excellent service, offer other services and make a great impression. Always show interest what guests are saying, listen carefully.
  16. Be knowledgeable of Company’s information (hours of operation, cooking school, accommodation etc.) to answer guest inquiries.  Do suggestive selling and recommend our Company’s retail.
  17. Have a positive ” can do” attitude never say “no”
  18. Use appropriate telephone etiquette.  Answer within three rings and with a “smile”.  When necessary, ask the caller, “May place you on hold”.  Do not screen calls.  Eliminate call transfers when possible.
  19. Do more than is expected of you, always be willing to do a little extra.
  20. When you offer and give quality service, guests are more likely to visit us again and recommend our product and services to others.
  21. Leave personal problems at home
  22. Always present a professional and caring attitude, let the guest know you are happy that they visit us.
  23. Each employee will continuously identify defects throughout the establishment. Notify your supervisor immediately of hazards, injuries, equipment or assistance that you need.  Practice energy conservation and proper maintenance and repair of Company’s property and equipment.
  24. Protecting the assets of the Company is the responsibility of every employee.
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