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Turtle Conservation

For years we have been passionately active with the task of saving as many marine turtles and their eggs from the stew pan as possible. When I wrote my first book on the Food of Bali, the publisher asked me to make certain to take some photos for the book which visually display the preparation of Bali’s delicious little meat skewers. This goes back to 1990 and then it was common practice to hunt sea turtles and widely sell them for consumption. Consequently I ended up in Sanur in a slaughterhouse where I witnessed the horrific way turtles are brutally butchered  alive.

Haunted by this disgusting method we  made the conservation of these magnificent sea creatures an important part of our mission statement within all our various ventures. During our daily visits to the village and fish market in Jimbaran we make certain that turtle eggs are no longer sold as an aphrodisiac, and that turtles are left in the ocean.

Since starting this conservation project in 1997 we are proud to look back knowing that we have saved roughly 3500 large turtles and tens of thousands of eggs.

Conservation Activities

Our conservation activities  positively contribute to the great image Bali has around the globe. In no way we  interfere into the traditions, the culture or religion. We foster good relationships with the Government, local authorities, and community


We collect turtle eggs from  markets, place them back into proper and safe grounds and hatch them under ideal conditions


We  keep new hatchlings for a few weeks in captivity before releasing them back to nature.


We give misplaced, poached, and sick turtles a new home in our ponds, feed them well and give them the strength they require to survive in the wild.


We develop educational programs with local and international bodies, which will reduce the trade of artifacts, produced from these endangered marine reptiles.


We are non-profit organization, and all funds raised will automatically be reinvested into our protection and educational efforts


It is our wish to give our children and grand children the chance to see these lonely wanderers of the fast oceans in the wild and not in nature books under the section.