Village Dinner

To celebrate is something the Balinese are experts in. No, not birthdays or wedding anniversaries like we do in the West, but mostly according to the Balinese calendar in line with auspicious days, and the current position of the moon. This simply  means that almost every day is a good day to celebrate. Weddings, tooth filing, the birth of a baby, the beginning of construction of a new building, the birthday of the family temple or the blessing of their rice fields when we ask Dewi Sri for a plentiful harvest. Unfortunately there are days when we run out of occasions to celebrate, and when this happened we simply invent something to give us a reason to organize another celebration. Then again, isn’t waking up in the morning reason enough to rejoice and say thank you to God for allowing us to be so fortunate.

Western society in some ways is very similar as we are always looking for ways to celebrate which gives us a great opportunity to get together with friends and enjoy a few relaxing and rejuvenating hours. This is often one of the main reasons why we look for a comfortable relaxing place giving us the chance to share the company of you and your friends in a beautiful private Balinese venue.

If you look for a secluded place in a serene traditional Balinese setting then Pasar Malam offers the perfect backdrop for your next dinner event. Our team of well trained professionals will make certain to fulfill even your unexpressed wishes and this with a charm and friendliness for which the island is renowned.

Excuses are endless to find a reason to organise another get together in a Balinese village setting

  • Company dinner
  • Awards dinner
  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Incentive dinner
  • Meeting
  • Conference
  • Product launch, like cars, perfumes
  • Awards night
  • Club dinner
  • Exhibition
  • Sales dinner

Village Rijsttafel Dinner


  • Sate Ayam, Sampi, Lilit Ikan – Chicken, Beef and Seafood Sates
  • Saus Kacang  – Peanut Dressing
  • Lawar Ayam – Green Bean Salad with Chicken
  • Sambal Be Tongkol – Tuna Salad


  • Cram Cam – Clear Chicken Soup with Fried Shallot

Main Dishes – Served Family Style

  • Tum Ayam – Minced Chicken in Banana Leaf
  • Be Celeng Base Manis – Pork in Sweet Soya Sauce
  • Kambing Mekuah – Lamb Stew in Coconut Milk
  • Be Sampi Mebase Bali – Balinese Style Beef Rendang
  • Pesan be Pasih – Marinated Grilled Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaf
  • Ikan Bakar – Marinated Grilled Fish
  • Sayur –Two daily Vegetables
  • Nasi Kuning dan Putih – Yellow and Steam Rice


  • Kueh Bali – Selection of Balinese Cakes
  • Bubuh Injin – Black Rice Pudding
  • Jaja Batun Bedil– Rice Sticky Pudding in PalmSugar Sauce
  • Buah-Buahan – Seasonal Bali Fruits

 Price includes

  • Balinese Rijsttafel Dinner
  • Welcome drink
  • Mineral water
  • Welcome procession with Balinese Dancers
  • Cultural performance – Legong Dance
  • Simple village Decorations
  • Candles along the path
  • Flower garland hanging from the ceiling
  • Umbul Umbuls – Colorful Flag Poles
  • Table decoration
  • Sound system with Microphone